#OntheMove: Of Grace and Gratitude!

How are you?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWriting this with a full and happy heart. Just want to share some news of little wins + a short ode of gratitude! 🙂 Just going with life’s paradoxical ebb and flow here. Seems like impermanence is the only permanent thing working for me now. Scary but exciting times ahead.

So I am on the move again folks! Spent the weekend packing stuff in boxes, clearing out cabinets and cleaning the flat. Moving back home temporarily to complete the last leg of my training in the Flavour world. And honestly? As surprising as it sounds, I AM ACTUALLY EXCITED!!! 4 weeks-ish left in Singapore + a much awaited three-week break  + and then I’ll get to embrace home in Philippines again.

Hope I can prove myself worthy of this industry? haha. I thrive on growth and learning, so I can’t wait for what is to come.

Although I still have no idea where I’ll be based after my training (a.k.a. How to calculate the probability of which six ASEAN country I’ll build my next home in?), I am trying my best to keep myself grounded, hopeful and content. 

Uncertainty is my best friend at the moment and I am putting my best face forward to shake hands with him constantly. I am working my way to embrace his good sides. Because for a planner freak? My current situation is becoming a constant struggle. So however scary, I am trying to trust the process and revel within it constantly.

Going to celebrate my first “work-sary” in a couple of weeks and my two-year anniversary in Singapore in less than two months! I can’t believe how fast time flies. This time last year I was probably studying my postgraduate ass off…juggling internships during the day and cramming research papers/ readings at night.

But amidst this all, I guess I do what I do because I really want to work towards growth. And mostly, I want to keep on journeying towards my ikagai. Hope my trial and error process of finding meaning in the everyday life would suffice. 🙂

And in my journey towards it, I will always be in debt and thankful for those who incessantly stayed and supported me through and through. Family and friends who never failed to lend their presence whenever needed.

[:) A special shoutout to my family who flew all the way here to Singapore to spend time with me again and help me pack all my clothes and fixtures into boxes. hehe]

Love is indeed huge and faaaat. And you can always find them in little things.  Blessings in disguise. Let it pour.

.. and with that I just want to recap all the things bright the past months. Letting blessings pour mean letting selfless grace and gratitude seep in.

So thank you. Cheers to unchartered waters, uncertainty and most of all joy! Here’s a short ode to all things happy this year. From listening to free orchestras at the park, short hike trails, museums, surfing in Bali, eating everything in Taiwan, eating everything (Again) in Malacca, playing with corgis, 25th birthday, spending time with friends, family and more. x



Sending love to your new journey Manu + Tiza ❤



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