Little hideaways +


I find wonder in discovering little nooks and crannies in resplendent spaces.

Haji lane (albeit, overrated for some) will always be one of my favorite places here in Singapore. Little shops in every corner, random trinkets, artsy fartsy painted walls– what more can you ask for? Such happy colors to paint the soul!

whatsapp-image-2017-02-20-at-8-23-21-amLast weekend, I had a chance to reconnect with an old friend from University. She visited Singapore for a short while, and I decided to show her around my favorite places in Bugis– Haji Lane, the National Library, and The “Gotham Building” or what I call a trip to Great Gatsby (@ Parkview Square). It was such a wonderful, love-filled day!

From lunch meet ups in JSEC Ateneo to Haji lane in Singapore– nice to know things are still the same.









Thank you Hannah for wasting time with me (And taking lots of nice portrait photos of me haha???). To art, creativity, career, light and love xx.

So excited to head back home for more adventures.


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