Bye bye 2016- Toasting to 2017!

Since 2012, my Christmas and NYE celebrations are getting simpler and simpler.

No more fluffs.

No large festivities.

(No lechon) haha

No more panics of planning out holiday home-cooked meals for the family. No noisy kids screaming and playing at home. No more loud chattering at the dining table. No more family toasting of wine and beer.


Like anything else, a lot has been changing with the dynamics back home. And as always, this wondrous chameleon adapts to whatever life takes her. So, bring it on!

Instead, I am simply celebrating it here on my own, with my two doggy babies and a bottle of San Mig beer. Such is life.

And no–this writing is not about the aspect of being alone. It’s to celebrate the warm goodness of solitude. And maybe about the feeling of being content— accepting life as it is. It’s funneling everything down to what matters. Who stays, who goes. Authenticity.

Oh 2016, you have been such a weird ride. So glad to say goodbye and have another go this 2017.

Looking back, it’s been a year of growth. A year dedicated to reckless discoveries, series of heartbreaks, wins and failures.

I was able to graduate with a masters degree, got my first job, continued living abroad and experienced a series of firsts (and fails). Got to embrace moments of being free and independent, as I finally celebrate little wins of making life choices of my own.

I discovered my love for traveling and seeing more of the world. And no matter how short it was, I got to experience the weird but elated firsts of falling for someone. (Guess for once, the ice queen melts too).

Hoping to open 2017 with a more wide-eyed wonder, a fresher perspective, and a braver and stronger heart. It’s less about the fuss, and more about authenticity.

There’s a lot more to discover, a lot more risks to take, and a lot more mistakes to make.

Excited to see what’s next. Adventure is out there!

Happy new year, folks. Hope you’re having a good one.

Always, with love and light -d


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