What’s your flavaa?


Hello Jakarta!!! Current hotel view at the moment

Ahhhhh. There’s really nothing better than taking a long hot bubbly bath— for some soul cleansing.

Writing from Jakarta as of the moment. Embracing the suite life and gazing out to my hotel window. So far, I have been eating all the sambal I can today. Trying my best to acculturate myself here during my short stay.

So yup, was able to cruise myself down to Indonesia to experience a wonderful opportunity… *insert drumrolls*—, it’s my very first “business trip” abroad. tada!

Plus, just received the news last week that I have been regularized in my current job. Eeeey, time to celebrate?! Shots anyone?

Kidding aside, it has only been three months + nine days (and counting) since I started my very first job. I must say… working in a flavour industry is indeed challenging. I didn’t quite realize how complex flavour creations can get. There’s so much synergy going on cross functionally, just to translate those chicken bouillon flavourings into your lovely adobos. I mean—-who knew that there’s a special flavour sensory language needed to describe your food (i.e. waxy, fatty oily, lactony, tallow, animalic???). Who knew that flavour experience is composed of just 20% taste and 80% aroma?!? Who knew that we can only detect five types of taste (sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, and umami)….though there has been ongoing research/studies that we may have a sixth receptor–> FAT!

yaaas. Science. is. so. cool. (and that’s coming from someone who went through university…absolutely abhorring, dying, suffocating, suffering in her management with chemistry course).

Well, I have always been passionate with food’s artistry in general. From presentation to taste delivery, its such a feast for your eyes.. and yes…the tummy. So far, working in my current job has converted me to have a new found appreciation of food even moooooore than before. Maybe that’s why I gained 2 kg since I started working here. haha.

But believe me. Every single thing that gives body to your food, the flavours that tickle your tastebuds, the aroma that crafts your taste experience– all of them hold so much backstories of its own. They cover so many different dimensions of science to allow the exhaustive interplay of local culture stories, creativity and craft in flavour delivery.

(Lol, this is sounding like a cheesy appreciation blabber about science)

Anyway, this is the part where I love it the most. Working in this industry makes me feel like I am navigating through the playspace of authenticity, as it makes me feel what I do matter. I mean, there’s nothing more real and wonderful than being part of something big right? Something that ignites everyday moments of delight for others? From creating flavours that ignites nostalgia of someone’s home cooked meals to showcasing unique touches of cultures, I just feel humbled and happy in a way because I can get to share my effort// version of artistry as a mark somewhere out there?

However, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes my anxiety still tells me what I have now isn’t good enough. And I am increasingly getting pressured to map out my life after my current role’s training. Where will I go?

So even after the overally cheesy appreciation post… basically– I can say that I am still really just as lost as everybody else. I haven’t got it all figured out yet.

I am only learning as I go. I am only cruising through the experience as I go. I am only contemplating about it as I go.

And that’s okay right? We are allowed to be unsure, to fake it until we make it?

If so, then we good. I have to keep all this anxiety in check.

For now, I’ll just try to trust the process of self discovery. Hopefully, I can figure out how I can make my morning yawns and getting out of bed worthwhile. Till then, I’ll just patiently push through.

okaaaay 12:29am and there’s still work tomorrow. Zzzzzzz.


Old photo, during our trainee induction program. Just want to show how cool our lab coat is. HAHAHAHA. ktnxbye.



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