Ice, Ice Baby!

Remember that old quote by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry in the Little Prince?

“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.”


Well, I never really understood the reality of the quote till now. A year has gone by after University, and I am finding myself slowly beguiled by cynicism and defeat. Somehow, the world always find its ways to dampen the idealist in me. And it really takes much effort to go back, doctor your soul, and find such light again. But healing starts when you allow it to!

That’s why last week’s spontaneous ice skating hangout was such a breather for me. So much nostalgia–it reminded me so much of my childhood (my cousins and I used to skate every sunday at SM Megamall haha!).


Gosh. That giddy feeling when you wear your skates, wanting to go on ice, and being scared out of your wit because you’re too scared falling on your bum. It’s priceless. So glad to have spent it with such good company. Forever grateful for the authenticity.

You see, it’s kind of challenging to deal with something where in I am not really sure people around me understand what I am going through. (even I don’t get myself). And there are times I worry too much of people leaving– of them getting sick of how I am dealing with myself, or my issues.

So it means a lot to belong in a community where in you feel accepted and loved as you are. And this doesn’t mean you’re dependent on them or anything– but it just makes you feel less alone.

And so at least, even for a fleeting while, being in peace becomes a choice. Hoping on the best of hope for it to stay.

If not, it’s okay. We still got the roses that we’ve crossed paths with// foxes that we’ve tamed that make you see…that life’s not that bad after all.



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