Doodle Noodles: Illustrated Journal

I think my pigma micron pens and markers are running out. Looking forward to shop for my new art supplies soon.

Scan 66

Scan 141 Scan 7 Scan 6  Scan 11 Scan 7


4 thoughts on “Doodle Noodles: Illustrated Journal

  1. Hello there 🙂 I’m Elise and this year i’m 17, I’m extremely shy and socially awkward 😛 I stumbled upon your blog while looking through ‘illustrated journals’ on Google. I really enjoyed viewing your drawings, I loooove them. I’m into illustrated journals myself and thinking of starting one this year. I enjoyed reading your blogposts and I felt somehow…connected (okay that kinda sounds weird). But I just could really relate to how you feel (especially about being scared, or being judged). I’m a melancholy person and find it very hard to make friends but when I read your posts I just really wanted to let you know how inspired and happy I am to have found your blog. Reading your blog feels like I’m talking to a friend who understands me 🙂 I hope you continue doing art and blogging!

    • Hey girl! 🙂

      I am sorry to have only replied now. I admit I was so preoccupied the past few months that I haven’t uploaded any new posts or artworks. But hearing this from you means a lot. So thank you–for real. haha! This means I would have to resurrect this blog for good. The feeling of having this unspoken connection to someone out there truly feels amazing. Can’t express my gratitude enough. Keep doing what you do also! 🙂 Go with your plans of making your own illustrated journal :). I am proud of you already!!! Email me if you need anything! 🙂

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