I don’t usually do this, but I thought about it and I think it’s about time.

It’s about time to put my walls down. It’s about time to embrace myself.

It’s about time to put actually myself out there.

I always am insecure with myself, whether it’s how I awkwardly look physically or how my art is or whatever. I feel like I am always stuck, or maybe the right word for this is— I am just scared. I am scared of what people might think of me. I am scared of how they’ll judge me and say to me. I am scared that I may not be enough. I know this might seem quite silly, but doing this is really a big step for me.

But like I said, I think it’s time. With that, I am going to celebrate this “putting-myself-out-there” mantra, by showing you guys some of my totally random– but precious works of heart.. or art. haha!

I thank Danny Gregory so much for this. His book changed my life totally. I’ve been doing some of his exercises and taking in some of his tips for creativity. My enjoyment and passion for the arts grew even more.


Here’s what my moleskine contains at the moment. I haven’t scanned everything yet, but here are the ones I have so far.


2013-05-26 12.34.45 pm 2013-05-26 12.36.46 pm 2013-05-26 12.37.01 pm 2013-05-26 12.37.16 pm 2013-05-26 12.37.32 pm 2013-05-26 12.37.44 pm 2013-05-26 12.37.57 pm 2013-05-26 12.38.12 pm 2013-05-26 12.38.31 pm 2013-05-26 12.38.44 pm 2013-05-26 12.38.58 pm 2013-05-26 12.40.44 pm 2013-05-26 12.41.00 pm 2013-05-26 12.41.15 pm 2013-05-26 12.41.45 pm 2013-05-26 12.42.01 pm 2013-05-26 12.42.13 pm 2013-05-26 12.42.25 pm 2013-05-26 12.42.38 pm 2013-05-26 12.42.54 pm 2013-05-26 12.43.08 pm 2013-05-26 12.43.24 pm 2013-05-26 12.43.37 pm 2013-05-26 12.44.00 pm 2013-05-26 12.44.13 pm 2013-05-26 12.44.27 pm 2013-05-26 12.44.51 pm 2013-05-26 12.45.05 pm


Have a blessed sunday everyone!


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