Heat Stroke

Manila heat is killing me.

But to get my mind rid of things, here’s a list of videos and sites that can hopefully make you smile — even just a little. Let your heart wander a bit. Breathe and have a hearty laugh!

I know it’s not friday today, but since I missed a lot of High Five Fridays lately. Here’s a post to make up for it.


Source: Tumblr

hahahahaha. Patrick’s face = win.

Anyway here you go!


1.) Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is your perception of beauty?

2.) The 30 Happiest Facts of All Time


Don’t Believe me? Fact Number 19 says this:


Source: Tara Sturm/Creative Commons / via: taradsturm

Turtles breathe through their butts.

Though, I am not quite sure what breed of turtles exactly.

3.) Alysia Harris’ Cab Rides and the Morning After

I love spoken word poetry, as you may have seen in my past posts. But this particularly, for some reason, made my heart melt. I was broken. Words were pierced through my soul. I cried. It’s ineffable really, how mere words can speak through you. It has its own wonders.

“I’m finding the mercy of God right where I’m standing and it’s blinding, it’s binding, it’s forgiveness, but most of all it’s mine. So, so tonight I’m gonna sit out on the fire escape eating an apple and I’m gonna nickname the view Eden. And I’m gonna look up at those tragic stars with their pagan hearts full of mourning and I’m gonna say, what a fall, but what light. What impossible light.” – Alysia Harris, Cab Rides and the Morning After

4.) Rudy Francisco’s Scars/ To the New Boyfriend

Here’s some of my favorites:

“1. If I could, I would nail these hands to the edges of stars. I would sacrifice this body to the sky, hoping to resurrect someone that’s spiteful enough to not care about you anymore.

2. Staple me to a cross. Pierce my side with a broken promise and I will bleed all the crippled reasons why you deserve one more chance.

4. Cupid is fucking irresponsible, and I’m tired of him using me for target practice.

10. If I could, I would tie your arms to a day dream and then auction you off to my fondest memories.” – Rudy Francisco, Scars/ To the New Boyfriend”

5.) Keone and Mariel Madrid- Dangerous by Michael Jackson

This video makes me miss dancing so much more. It’s too dope. Do they even have bones? AMAZEBALLS!


Source: Tumblr

Till the next HFF (Legit posting it on friday night though. I promise! I promise! This friday! Yes?)

Have a happy day!


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