Derp Face

I am sorry.

I haven’t been really doing well on my 2013 project am I? hahaha. Well, despite my last month’s  very busy schedule, I still vow not to give up on this just yet.


Apologies though, I was swallowed whole by my academic stuff, long tests, finals, papers, group works, and group defenses.  I was worn out and tired. With that, I couldn’t find the drive to continue writing and blogging. (Though just recently, I am glad my efforts have not gone to waste! 🙂 Grades were out and I was one of the dean’s listers! Well for those who know my personal life story, this really means a lot. 🙂 )

Anyway, the other day I was reminded how time isn’t a really a good excuse to put off work. Saying, “I don’t have the time” or ” I am busy” aren’t really good lines to practice good work ethics.

Hence, I will try my best to be continuous. Oh, rather, I will definitely make this a habit. 

I need my daily dose of inspirations myself anyway! 🙂

Looking forward to my post tomorrow! Have a happy thursday!


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