The 2013 Project.


I’ve always believed humans have superpowers.

Yes, this is true I tell you. Really. I promise! Well, hey, I know what you’re thinking, this lady has officially gone loco.

She’s gone out of her mind.

Well, not exactly.

2 weeks ago, I believe I have just had one of the best emotional, mental, spiritual and physical revival. It was a weekend full of complete wonder and hope. I was able to watch Life of Pi with my best friend (which, I haven’t really spent time with for MONTHS). And it was AWESOME (company wise + movie). The following day, I had the opportunity to attend TedxAdmu. And it was equally as awesome. But if I have to tell you all of this in detail, it will probably take me to write 10 more blogposts. 10 more long blogposts to exactly describe to you, what I experienced. Words wouldn’t even give justice to those moments.

Story short: I had an epiphany. I thought about life, happiness and faith. I tried to reconnect myself to these and pressed on to completely understand every angle of it. But I couldn’t. So I thought to myself, how am I going to actually see through it? How will be able to make something abstract and completely intangible, tangible? How will I be able to completely experience its greatness?

And that was the time when I thought of my 2013 project. I’ve read a lot of projects (like Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project or Evan Sanders’ The Better Man Project ). It all moved me. Although I never really started with any “project”, for some reason, I feel the need to make one now. I know its time.

With that, I am jumpstarting my 2013 with a “Play it Forward” project. 365 days of pure inspiration, 52 weeks of laughters and 12 months of faith and wonder. Every friday of the every week (High Five Fridays!), I’ll be sharing playlists. Playlists could feature anything under the sun. It could be of spoken poetry videos, TedTalk videos, songs that go blow your mind, life anthems, quotes, verses, or even crazy travel bucket list adventures. It could be anything inspirational and moving really.

You see, I have always wanted to fuel change in the world and I believe humanity have just so much too offer. Our power of ideas, of cultivating and spreading them surpasses all mythical fictional superpowers. Besides, why would I want the power of super strength, when my human strength of moving someone’s heart is stronger than lifting up a 10000000000000000 ton of metal block?

We, people, are truly meant for something greater. We are infinite.

With this, I take on the great perhaps of living and I’ll act on it. I don’t know how much this project will help you, as how it will help me. But all I know is that, for me to truly completely immerse myself in truly understanding the reality of life itself, I have to try. I have to make it more real.

If this is one way of magically making something intangible, truly tangible, I’ll take my bet.

This is going to be my new odyssey. And I am so excited to share this all with you.:)

Watch out for High Five Fridays! 


2 thoughts on “The 2013 Project.

  1. The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach for hearts is wise. – Maya Angelou ❤ Love you, best friend. You just inspired me to the max. 😀 May special mention pa ako dito!!!! Thanks!!! And I also started a blog because you inspired me to! 😀

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