Moving Forward: Embracing 2013 at its finest!

2012 was full of hope for me. It wasn’t the best year, but it was definitely a good year to remember. It was a year of many firsts, as well as lasts. It was a roller coaster year full of emotions. I went through the different phases and experiences of silence, solitude, fun, liberation, hiatus, bending, break-ups, battles and etc. Although I am still a work in progress, overcoming my depression stage in life, I am happy to announce that I am still holding onS T R O N G. Life has so much battles to offer, I can’t just give up now. If God has to bend me to make me the best mold out there, then He has my life pen. He will write my story.

How’s your new year going so far? Well, to my dear readers, I hope life is treating you well too!

There are so much things to look forward to this 2013, but I couldn’t do this without fully backtracking and thanking God for all of the {blessings} I’ve received in 2012. Hence, to celebrate last 2012! Here’s a short tribute to 2012 { in numbers }, showing some highlights of my year.


{5} 5 days in Hk, May 2012. With only us kids roaming around Hong Kong Disneyland!


{1} Finally! Phantom of the Opera! BEST. EVER. One check off my bucket list! Les Miserables is next!


{20} 20th Birthday! Full of smiles and surprises


{10} Taiwan-Macau-HK 2012 Reunion Trip


{1000+} 1000 kids to share joy with. Blue Christmas 2012: Stars with you & me

793_10151233336192918_756544612_n546591_10151233333982918_1844285018_n 533484_10151233337707918_526195212_n3880_10151233334502918_1552263965_n

{3} 3 fun days at Pico de Loro with the Gang


{26} 26 faces. 2012 was somewhat a year of creativity + more to come this 2013! I’ll be selling some merchandise drawings for you all!


{7} twas the 7th day of the week, lovely sunday + lovely weather. Volkswagen Car Show 2012. One day I’ll have you bugs.


{18} Sept 18 Maroon 5 Concert. Adam Levine was divine.


{21} April 21- Israel Houghton & Planetshakers Concert. Words couldn’t justify the experience. God was truly felt all throughout Araneta.


{2} December 2, 2012- Who doesn’t love weddings? Awesome one this one. Cheers to Achie Buns for winning the crown for that gangnam style dance.


{40} My cute mother who doesn’t look 40 at all celebrated her birthday. We made sure it was her best yet! Spent days with my brothers making flower origami.


{50} Got the chance to host 50+ kids in our ACED-GUIDON journalism workshop. You were all wonderful! Best!


{4} Just before the year ended! Dec 31st, 2012- New Puppies for our family! Our lovely kimchi gave birth to these four beautiful pups!

How was your year 2012?

Cheers to 2013!


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