Be a Truth Seeker

Source: Thingsweforget

I believe I am a truth seeker and a traveler, a wandering witness of life.

I constantly long for answers, concrete ones that would explain just about every question I have. May it be about the one’s existence, purpose, test, trials, triumphs, downfall, happiness etc. The list goes on, (as well as my frustration for finding the answers themselves 🙂 ).

As much as there are certain moments where in our own form of epiphanies come to light, I still can’t help but wonder, if there is something actually more to life than there is. And today, I  was again reminded that, “that something” actually exists in its own right now. Many might not tangibly feel it, see it.. but I am telling you, it exists. And this is something we all know as FAITH.

Though I know we all differ in terms of how we define it per se, in one way or another, we all agree (I think? 🙂 ) That whatever faith you might have? It correspondingly envelopes your life, the way you live, breathe, talk and act. What’s important is that, it is still something we believe in. The kind of philosophy, mantra or “anthem”  you choose to believe in, to revel in. And this is what I realized today. Humans are naturally created to thrive in the realm of curiosity, which consequently drives them to always find some sense of meaning and worthiness to hold onto in their lives. Something that could give them a sense of completion, belongingness and most of all, contentment. Finding and correlating a greater meaning to what we do, makes everything seem much more worthy. Making one realize more in what he sees.

And that’s the truth I am constantly seeking…. and I have only found in my faith, believing that there is indeed someone far more greater than anyone of us– God. Very vague, for some but He’s is one father figure I constantly hold onto. Someone who can only give me a sense of oneness and truly defines my life in all aspects. Though my walk with Him isn’t necessarily perfect, I know He is able and He is able to mold me to become the person I am today. I was renewed and I became more courageous to face life as it is, to find growth and meaning despite the many challenges it holds. This is why I want to be available for life, inspiring people to craft their own philosophies and beliefs about how they want their life odyssey to be. I want to live a life full of discovery, wonder, teaching, reaching out to people, helping them to know about “That greater being”. I want people to realize that there so much more hope waiting for them, a promise that would change their lives in the smallest detail possible.

With that, I leave you with your own journey of finding your own faith, your own belief, your own conviction. As much as I hope you would have something the same as mine, reality hits. And we are all different. 🙂 But in one way or another, I believe we are still all wired into one. Whatever happens, our hearts speak the same rhythm of longing, craving for something better– greater than ourselves. Soon enough, no matter what life path, life plan we choose to take, we’d still be ending up in the same place, same state of searching.

perhaps somewhere near life’s edge, but maybe, just maybe somewhere new too.


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