An Abstract Wonder

source: tumblr

I’ve never realized how much I love performing until now. I know I am not much of a dancer? But I think aside from my love of drawing specifically, my whole perception and love about art itself extends to my appreciation of movement, particularly in dancing.

For people like me, who have a hard time expressing themselves, dancing becomes a form of solace. Once it sinks in, the very nature of the movement encloses you, then that’s when your story starts to manifest itself. The wonder of all this is that I don’t even have to try, in terms of opening myself fully to people, I just have to be myself, and ultimately embrace the moment I am in. And that’s what dancing creates, a new realm, a new ground for me. It could be a source of strength? hope? Something wonderful to hold on to. It’s truly ineffable.ย I just love the flow, the essence of it. It’s experiencing life by being a captive of its movements.

As ironic as it may seem, for me it becomes a found freedom, a celebration of joy. Having said that, I hope in this new school year! I’ll get the time, opportunity to find myself, be lost in transit and find life again in the field of performing and dance. ๐Ÿ™‚


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