Coloring outside the lines.

Simple things come from the simplest beginnings. It all starts with a single step. 

I love kids. I love their whole idea and notion of joy, simplicity and innocence. I love how they never let any single being or circumstance complicate who and what they want to be. 🙂 I guess that’s why I never get tired of them, because somehow through them I get reminded of the true meaning and essence of life itself– to enjoy every bit and moment of it, to seize the day and take time to actually LIVE!               

So last Saturday (on November 19) was the day we’ve all been waiting for. It was the BLUE CHRISTMAS 2011 event! 🙂 It’s a yearly student organized charity event held at my college, Ateneo. It’s basically an event dedicated for unfortunate kids, making them the ultimate stars of the day– treating them special, playing with them, making them happy and etc. 🙂                                          

So there, I volunteered as a facilitator for the kids. 🙂 

Facilitators, Class Hosts, and the kids in our group!:)  

I woke up at 4am since the call time for the facilitators was around 5:30am till 6am. It was so early I could barely get up. I got to school at 6am (HA! Just in time hohoho) and registered. I met my fellow faci, Shelly, and off we go preparing. We sort of panicked at first because our other faci member was running late and we were worried that we won’t be able to handle the 24 kids assigned to us (There are usually about 4-5 facilitators assigned per group of children).  Anyway, we decided that I’ll be the jeep representative ( the one to fetch the kids at their area) while she prepares the stuff needed for our next venue. I was so confused, I didn’t know where to go. I was to ride the jeepney to the area (which I absolutely have no idea where). I was so scared of getting lost that I ended up being so panicky and jittery while waiting for our 48 A Jeepney. But at the last minute! My other fellow faci (Elaine) who ran late, finally came and went with me! 

Elaine, my other fellow faci (Photo taken inside the jeep!!) 
THE SCHOOL! where we fetched the kiddies from 🙂
We went to Project 3 Elementary School and fetched the kiddies. After the roll call of names, instead of the supposed 24 kids we will be handling, it lessened to 23. We were so blessed that the 23 kids we handled are all active, hyper and just absolutely bright and incredibly happy. 🙂

The kiddies! (girls) (L-R, cherry, biancs, bangbang, ruby, daph, char, janna, suzy,  pocahontas (I like calling her that, I told her she looks like pocahontas don’t you think? kiddie version), rain and charm. 

(L-R) Francis, Aj, christian, raphael aka dugong (he likes to be called that),  Jorell 

He’s such a cutie don’t you think? Jorell is Top 1 of his class!  🙂 Bright, bright kid indeed. He amused me by showing me his books. For a 10 year old kid, he reads philosophical books! (The book was entitled, What does it mean to be happy?) He also brought with him his Spanish book. He told me he wanted to learn. 🙂 [He was able to teach me a few words!]

Sweet sweet, Paolo!:) He chose to spend his birthday with us!:) Happy Birthday kiddo! 

Raphael, a.k.a., Dugong. :)) [One of our most hyper kiddo that day!]

It’s Christian! 🙂

                                                              Francis said he wanted this to be his new DP in Facebook. 
At the jeep, on our way to Ateneo!:)
At the classroom, waiting for the activities prepared by the class hosts. 🙂

Ruby, the half mexican kid. 🙂 [cool right?] [She said she wants to grow up to be an actress. :)] + Rain [the tough girl who likes pellet guns. waddap! :))]

Meet my fellow faci’s!:) shelly + elaine! 🙂
Shelly + elaine +  our other faci member! mikee

yes. because we are cool asians. harhar.
they really love the camera. hahahhaa.
Kids having fun.

The very tired BUT happy faci’s!:)

Nix and I with miss juniPERRR.

Our last pictures with the kiddies before sending them off!:(
Funny how God really works in mysterious ways. That same week, the sunday message was all about being radical. It’s all about going outside the norm, building on your principles, starting something right, having an advocacy, evoking a simple change. And with that said, I’m glad that I was able to end my week happy by participating in this wonderful life changing event. I was bone tired, but heart happy. Looking forward to do this again. 🙂