Feeling Artsy Fartsy

In line with my reading of “The Happiness Project”, I finally mustered up my ball of energy to FINALLY finally clean and de-clutter my room. I’m so proud of myself, I can almost cry in happy tears. I’ve never felt so organized before. Gretchen Rubin was right. Organizing stuff never felt this good, not to mention fulfilling. The much more free space appearing on my cabinets and drawers here and there made me feel so incredibly happy. 🙂 OH, and on top of all that! I rediscovered(? haha) my old drawings, priced possessions, the different letters written to me,  sentimental little things and so much more. I also was able to put away some good stuff for donations! I gave away all my little scrunchies, hair clips, pretty pins and etc. haha. They’re all still in their good shape anyway, depreciated through time but still pretty and usable! haha! Siiigh. I could still remember wearing those bow clips to school on my first pre school day, till my very first day as grade 3 in my alma matter. hoho. 

So much fun reminiscing. Having said that! I would like to share more of my old sketches! (I’m so happy now, they’re all tucked away safely in my clean pretty clear plastic envelope. HA! I hope it doesn’t get lost this time. I vow to be more organized.) 

Here it goes!:) 

Quickie Doodle of Lucy. She looks dazed. hahaaa.

Bored Sketch two years ago. I really love drawing monsters. HOHO

Submitted a drawing proposal for SC. (Though it was not used, my other design did. I’ll post that later on)
Old drawing two years ago.  

More monsters. rawr.

More recent ones? Mostly done during the summer. 

Copied from Mom’s cute figurine

I LOVE CARTOONS. I still don’t know what to name these two people. haha!

I got inspired by Pocahontas’ eyes.

Monster, inspired from Chicken Little? hahaa! As for the girl, I don’t really know.

One of my favorite’s so far. (Summer, 2011)
Sometimes, I feel like I get the “drawing juice” better flowing when I draw on clean smooth bond papers than drawing on my newly bought moleskine. 😦 The only trade off with me drawing on loose papers is more often than not, I lose them. 😐 So I thank God so much when I found almost all my favorite drawings. Anyway, I hope with my moleskine 😦 I can push myself to try harder and make more interesting drawings and characters. 

I’m still aiming to do finish that 30 day drawing challenge, given by my friend. And I think taking on that challenge will surely hone more my so called doodle skills. haha. I hope I’ll be able to set the time. Second semester’s about to start in TWO MORE DAYS! I want to focus on my studies, though at the same time, not to much. I don’t want to explode middle of the semester, stressed and pulling my hair out just because I didn’t have time for my art. It’s still important to me. God wish me well in all my majors and subjects this sem.